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Wood Bicycle Fenders

wood bicycle fenders

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shiny coats of spar urethane

shiny coats of spar urethane

Tried another test on that wood fender prototype that I made a while back. Sprayed about 5 coats of spar urethane. It feels like plastic now!

Set against the standard pressure-treated outdoor wood of our back stoop for contrast.

On the bottom side I used a medium walnut Danish oil. Decided that that finish was not water resistant enough, so that's why I tried the spar urethane. Without even mounting it or riding in the rain, I can already tell that this new iteration will work like a champ.

Wooden rear bicycle fender 1 - red/blonde/red

Wooden rear bicycle fender 1 - red/blonde/red

Steam bent poplar wood with steel hardware. For use on fixed gear/coaster brake conversions. Up for sale on our etsy shop! (See profile for URL)

wood bicycle fenders

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